So I’ve been working on this site for a while. And as of late have been contemplating it’s launch, always able to add just one more thing to the list of things that has to be done before doing so. As I am sure is obvious, there is still plenty to do, but I am pulling the trigger today and will tie up loose ends as I go. The reason I have decided to go live is that I think what happened today just seems to makes it the appropriate day to start.

At the local Barnes & Nobles, I found a signed copy of David Carson’s book, Trek. A freaking signed copy! Get this, it was on the 75% off rack as you walked in the door; I felt bad only paying $11.  Anyways, it’s a great book and one I’ll spend weeks turning through the over 400 pages of images annotated with notes, drawings and commentary throughout.

In addition, another thing making this book so appropriate as a trigger for the launch, on the title page a quote from another Texan, another hero of mine, and son of my hometown, Robert Rauschenberg.

So there you have it, first post.

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